Our Services


Training and Nutrition

We understand the importance of health and wellness to your career. To enhance your performance edge, The Warner Companies Sports Management Team offers a Nutrition Program and access to NSF Certified for Sport Products with discount pricing and convenient order processing.

The Warner Companies Sports Management Team also knows how important off-season training is to a successful professional career. We have developed relationships with premier baseball workout facilities across the country, including EFT Sports Performance, Cressy Sports Performance, Driveline Baseball, and many more.

In addition to nutritional supplements and off-season training programs, The Warner Companies has cultivated relationships with a multitude of healthy food and healthy meal prep companies like Eat Clean Bro and KNOW Foods to ensure that our clients have access to healthy, nutritional foods in season and during the offseason.


Concierge Services

As a full-service baseball agency, The Warner Companies Sports Management offers our clients a broad array of services to meet each individual need. We assist our clients with a variety of off-the-field issues throughout the year, including but not limited to:

  • Vehicle Transportation Assistance
  • Rental Car Assistance
  • Housing Assistance (In-Season and Off-Season)
  • Legal Assistance


Personal Shopping Discount Program

  • Our marketing team has also cultivated relationships with various companies in numerous industries. We have been able to negotiate exclusive professional athlete pricing for our clients that allows them to purchase baseball products, everyday products, gifts for family members, and so much more at a discounted rate.